2015 in Review

I know...It's a month into the new year, but I still want to talk about what 2015 brought me. 

2015 was the year I finished my schooling at Loyalist College, graduated (I did it mom!), AND got myself working. I've lived in three different cities this year - Belleville, London and Toronto. 

I spent three weeks working with the London Free Press, four months working with Metroland Media Toronto (Toronto Community News), shoots with the Canadian Football League as well as the Toronto Argonauts and a short but very sweet contract with the Toronto Star as a Visual Specialist (sort of like a photo editor type roll) for their phenomenal Star Touch app. I think I learned more about myself as a photographer and as a person this past year than I have in my 25-ish years of being on this planet. I've honed my editing skills, which got me to rethink my shooting habits, heck I'm even learning how to run my own business. 

I've compiled 15 photos that were a personal favourite from the past year for your viewing pleasure below.